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- The card game of the ROYAL STING! -


1-IncHat3.gif - 1868 Bytes

A Quick of Review the Playing Cards

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The game uses a uniquely created custom made deck of cards. The cards are quality plastic coated for long lasting use. There are two kinds of cards in the deck. The main category of cards are "SUI"cards, comprising 115 cards. There are also 19 supplementary "ACTION" cards for a total of 134 cards in the deck. The SUIT cards have number values ranging from 1 to 100. 2Skunk1.0.gif - 1027 BytesThe lower the number value of the card the more numerous the card count of that card, the higher the number value the card the lower the card count. The "SUIT" cards are similar to those in a standard deck of 52 cards (American) in that there are four "SUITS", the SUITS are distinguished by four colors --- red, blue, black and green. All SUIT cards are symbolized by a hierarchy 2Fing.75.gif - 614 Bytesof different style "hats" with corresponding ascending number values --- the only SUIT card that does not depict a "hat" is the Dark Horse card. The various hat "styles" reflect the ascending "Ranks" of the name designations such as Mayor, Senator, Governor, etc. Not surprisingly, some fans of the game refer to the "SUIT" cards as "HAT" cards.

SUIT cards and ACTION cards


SUIT cards are the principal cards in the deck. Each Suit card has a numerical value. The numerical values range from 1 to 100. Except for the Dark Horse card all SUIT cards are symbolized by a hierarchy of different style "hats" with corresponding ascending number values. The distinctive hat styles have name designations such as Mayor, Senator, Governor, etc.

1GrasRed.gif - 1207 Bytes 1comblk2.gif - 1462 Bytes 1DelGrn.gif - 1020 Bytes1MayBLu.gif - 853 Bytes1CongRed.gif - 425 Bytes1SenBlk.gif - 400 Bytes1GovGrn.gif - 771 Bytesthe games only favorite son  - 605 BytesDark  Horse cards - 576 BytesIncumbent cards
 - 1868 Bytes


Although the ACTION cards are much less numerous than SUIT cards they are just the right ingredient to infuse an extra abundance of variety, zest, spice, plotting and planning your next tactical and strategic moves and plays, and rousing hullabaloo into the game.

BONUS Action cards and ATTACK Action cards

The BONUS Action cards depicted below are played to increase the value, strength, or effectiveness of your own cards, and / or even the cards of your "allies".

cards symbol for Halo  - 745 Bytescards symbol for handshake - 338 BytesCaboose cards - 2121 BytesCampaign Blitz cards - 1569 Bytes

The ATTACK Action cards depicted below are played to decrease the value, strength, or effectiveness of an opponents cards:

the skunk cards - 1113 Bytesthe sting political educational cards - 1205 Bytescards symbol for gotcha - 614 Bytesthe impeach political educational cards - 1007 Bytescards symbol for button hole - 900 Bytes

The official SKUNCUM Card Chart is supplied in each game box. Each of the specific Action cards depicted above affects Suit cards in different ways. The Card Chart explains the uses and consequences of each Action card.

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"it's a 'helluva' game"

A FASCINATING and ZESTY "card game of the Sting!"

As pointed out previously the "Suit" cards in this games unique deck of cards are similar to those in a standard deck to the extent that "SKUNCUM" suit cards are also composed of four different suits. However "SKUNCUM" game suit cards provide several additonal, and even more appealing and exciting dimensions other than merely employing the games' snappy four different color suits of red, blue, green, and black (the American standard 52 card deck uses only two colors, red and black).

Those extra new and fascinating features of the SKUNCUM card deck include the following:

  • There are more than twice as many game suit cards than there are in a standard deck.
  • The range of numerical values on the suit cards is much broader. The card values in the standard deck range 1 thru 10 plus the Ace and 3 face cards, SKUNCUM suit card values range 1 thru 100.
  • Most significant is the creative and intriguing concept of assembling the hierarchical structure of the suit cards in the deck to reflect true to life realities --- that is, making those cards which have the least value the most numerous, and conversely those having the greatest value the least numerous (sorry folks, but isn't that the way it is in real life? It's a fact!).
  • Assigning the cards falling between the two most extreme values of 1 and 100 correspondingly fewer cards as the values increase, pyramid style.
  • The ingenious introduction of ACTION cards into the deck. An element that stimulates and inspires some really different, exhilerating, and sometimes far-out card playing twists and strategy planning possibilities for the player.

This is a whole new approach to creating a unique, animated, and intriguing card game!
Card game players, board game players, and "all other" game player fans, strategists, tacticians, philosphers, scientists, creators, inventors, politicians, sociologists, teachers, professors, mensa freaks, enthusiasts, and collectors MUST have this game to make their lives the most enjoyable and complete! No question about it!

Moreover the game becomes much more interesting and "zestfully juicy" as you comtemplate the mix of "suit" cards and "action" cards in your hand and how you can use them most effectively, separately or in combination, as you survey the cards already played on the game board. It makes for a game that can be simply a "ton of fun" for the average player, or it can be either "a ton of exhilerating fun" versus "a ton of exacerbating fun" (depending on whether their "strategy" is working) for the more studious and serious gamesters. But perhaps the best thing about the game is that anybody who can add and subtract can play. Some have called the creative simplicity in the concept of the game -- ingenious. Others have said plainly "it's a 'helluva' game".

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