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"The Challengers"

The graphics illustrating examples of the "CARDS IN PLAY" various scenarios, sequence of events, plots, schemes, etc., as they in fact can and do occur in the play out of a hand of Skuncum cards are under construction and we regret cannot be uploaded to the web site at this time. Please revisit us soon for updates on our progress.

The following illustrations of "cards in play" will introduce you to one of the most innovative and fascinating card games ever created. Truly an ingenious concept, and definitely a "game players" game as well as a "great fun" game for everyone. SKUNCUM offers the player myriad opportunity for creative and excitng play making. The displays of the simulated scenarios of "cards in play" that follow are tutorial examples of how the cards might actually be played in a real game. The graphic illustrations will quickly and clearly demonstrate the dynamics and flow of the game.

These pages start with the basics and guide the reader on through to the finer nuances of the game in as concise and clear a method possible. It is suggested that the interested reader review the pages by beginning with the SKUNCUM Home page and then the pages that follow the Home page in the order that they are presented.

Match Play Action - Round-1 (R-1)
BILL concedes immediately without making a play!
Opening TPV StatusR-1 R-2R-3 R-4 CURRENT TPV
BILL = 1 C -- - 1
EVE = 3 - -- - 3
Eve wins the match

The Guidelines
The matches are played in an elimination series, with each match winner being paired against any remaining “lowest TPV” Challenger. The last standing Challenger is matched against the Candidate. The winner of this final “Candidate vs. Challenger” match is the winner of the Race.


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