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Wind Chimes that charm

Gift Chimes with dolphins 30046 Dolphin circle wind chime. 20" long.
Price $19.95


gift butterfly Chimes 30048 Butterflies and flowers wind chime. 18" long
Price $14.95


Kokopelli Chimes 30045 Kokopelli dances among the melodious tubes of this wind chime. 18" long
Price $19.95


Verdigris Chime gift 30153 Verdigris-finished, Kokopelli wind chime. 15 3/4" long
Price $15.95


gift hummingbird Chimes 30043 A hummingbird and honeysuckle blossoms top this verdigris wind chime. Perfect for the garden. 16 long
Price $9.95


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wind chime : a cluster of small often sculptured pieces (as of metal or glass) suspended so as to chime when blown by the wind - chime a musical sound suggesting that of bells - a harmonious sound

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